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Customer Testimonials

Ed is a great personal trainer. All of the equipment in this gym is extremely unique and works every part of your body to the limit!!! Ed makes sure that you are the getting the maximum training and you see results!!! Even my kids train with me and Ed makes it fun for the whole family!!!!

-Laura R

This is one of the best workout facilities I've ever experienced. I get a personalized workout with the owner each time I go in. Very cost effective compared to the value in return. Kudos ECS for changing it up!!!

-Holly F

This gym is like no other gym out there. I’ve always been drawn to small group training and wanted a personal trainer but just couldn’t justify paying so much. ECS is everything I’ve been looking for at an incredible price. Ed is patient, motivating and will help you meet your fitness goals. I’ve finally been consistent about getting to the gym because the workouts are great and different every time. I highly recommend giving ECS a try!

-Laura B

I have been to many gyms/fitness centers in this area doing all sorts of workouts, routines and classes. But by far ECS Exercise is what I have always wanted "Personal Training" at a manageable price. ECS is super flexible with my schedule,

NO gimmicks, NO contracts, and NO fancy equipment you have to purchase to get started. It's all about "YOU". Every time I walk in I have no clue what I'm in for. However, I know it's about me, my strengths and as I now see my weaknesses. I

have a few personal struggles with some injures, so something this personalized is outstanding. Everyone comes in and is working on something for them. No two people are doing the same thing at the same time. Best part, I can walk out of ECS

sweating all without stepping one foot on a treadmill. Totally Amazing ! Work hard for yourself without having that added pressure of competing with other people. This is the next step on my fitness journey. What's yours ?

-Jen M

What an awesome place! So much better than what I expected. Ed is great and keeps you moving the entire time. The workout goes by so fast and I'm laughing the whole time!

-Amber K

I can honestly say that when I started at ECS Exercise I was skeptical about whether or not I would keep with it. A few months in and I am addicted! Ed pushes you but will also works with your limitations or injuries. Cannot say enough good things.

-Kristi N

Great workout Ed really cares about his clients one on one training keep up the great work thank you for helping me get in a healthy body.

-Rita P

I love to exercise at ECS, where I get the best workout, ever! It’s a comfortable atmosphere to work out in and Ed’s dedication and enthusiasm to help me achieve my fitness goals inspired me to work at building a healthy lifestyle, every day. And, ECS has the best, affordable rates too - thanks Ed!

-Carol B

Ed has given me my life back, only 2 sessions and I feel better than I have in 10 years. This place is changing my life.

-Stephen T

Very experienced and very attentive! Love how comfortable he makes everyone feel! Must try!!

-Dawn S

ECS Exercise is like no other gym you have attended. Ed, the personal trainer, is very enthusiastic and caring. He individualizes each workout for his clients. Not only is the gym extremely cost effective, Ed truly wants you to be your best self. He will call or text you if he hasn’t seen you in a few days to help keep you on track. No one else will do that to help you meet your fitness goals.

-Kathleen P

ECS is a great place to work out! Ed owner/personal trainer is awesome. I've been working out with Ed for two months and have seen results in that time...I have never felt stronger! I have energy, my balance and flexibility have improved. Ed is easy going and has a friendly personality. He makes each workout challenging, creative and sometimes, fun! He motivates me to push past my limits to get results. This place is better than your average gym and for the can't go wrong!

-Jeanette R

Ed is an amazing trainer and I can't say enough about what he has done for me! I get a new workout each and every time that I go. I thought that I was in decent shape before joining but boy was I wrong! My kids love Ed too and it's so awesome that he works with all age groups! Boot camp on Saturday mornings is an amazing class as well. If you aren't a member here are surely missing out!

-Danielle P

I have been a member of ECS for just about 3 weeks and I can't believe the results I have achieved so far and it has been so fast. Ed has customized my workouts according to my goals

and he has challenged me to push myself further everyday. I

want to work hard and Ed has the knowledge and experience

to help me work most efficiently. I love the atmosphere of the

place! It feels like I have joined a family! I look forward to my

workouts now unlike the regular gym I use to attend. I know I

will reach my goals with ECS and with all the great support of

my fellow ECS members.

-Amanda N

My 9 year old son and I have been going together and I couldn't be happier! The owner is kind, knowledgeable and extremely positive.

-Liz J

I was always nervous about going to a Personal Trainer

because I was worried I was just going to get yelled at. Ed is

very different, He is compassionate, understanding,

professional and persistent. I drove by for a month before I

joined and I wish I had joined sooner! I have been a member for 3 months and I look great ,but more importantly I feel great! I no longer suffer from back pain! I can take a staircase without

feeling like I need to call an ambulance at the top of the stairs! I

have recommended ECS to everyone I know and I will continue to recommend ECS!

- Mary Jean

I am about to finish up my second month with ECS. My

strength is up, my endurance is up and I am making gains

quickly. I've dropped a few inches all around and I am excited

to see where the next two months takes me! The best part is I

forward to going to the gym and that is a new concept for me!

-Brian F

Ed is completely dedicated to his clients. I never thought I

would enjoy getting in shape. This is a go at your pace with

Ed's encouragement. The equipment is fantastic and I can now

do 100 sit ups! Again, never thought I would enjoy working out.. I feel great when I leave and working on changing my diet too!

-Maureen A

It's like no other gym I've ever been to before! Friendly service,

life changing results and a beautiful facility! I love ECS

Exercise! I'd never go anywhere else! Member for life!

-Lisa P

I love the amazing results I've experienced! The staff is

amazing and their compassionate and loving! ECS Exercise is

really affordable and produces amazing results! It's like my

second home! It's the cleanest gym you'll find in the Hudson


-Lisa P

Ed makes sure I get a great work out every time! I see a real

improvement in how I look and feel.

-Beth L

I love that every workout is different and is tailored to my

needs. Ed is a wonderful trainer. Very motivating.


Very experienced and very attentive! Love how comfortable he

makes everyone feel! Must try!!


Ed has been so unique in his personal training. You will not find

a better, more personal trainer. He truly cares for each of his

clients. My entire family goes to Ed three times a week and

after one month we all have seen changes in our minds and

bodies. We highly recommend ECS to anyone looking to

change their bodies.


I hate exercising but I love ECS! Ed is a wonderful trainer and

has a real passion for fitness and health that is contagious.

He's funny too! My 16 year old daughter started coming with

me after a few weeks to check it out and now she's a regular

too. The workouts he gives me are challenging and I am in love

with the results. I feel great in everything I wear and I have

more energy. I would highly recommend ECS to anyone who

wants to get in shape and feel great!


ECS is not your normal gym experience. Three weeks and I'm

hooked. Ed pushes you beyond what you think you're capable

of and is genuinely interested in helping you reach your

personal fitness goals. He loves want he does and it shows.

There is no other experience like it in the area. I've ditched

mainstream gyms and couldn't be happier! Thank you Ed!


I am really impressed by ECS and Ed Sticker! I sat with Ed and

told him what my fitness goals were. He tweaked my ideas and

has stayed alongside me as I achieve a healthier lifestyle and a

fabulous workout regimen. In 6 weeks, I have lost 13 pounds. I

asked to have a customized plan put together to continue

challenging myself and although none if his plans offer what I

was looking for -- he added it. I will be a lifetime member. Ed

has reaffirmed what I know I can accomplish but sometimes

forget. He is a great motivator and is personally invested in

each client's personal health goals.


I am really working out at ECS and with my crazy schedule, I

truly appreciate that I can workout at 5am. Thanks Ed


I'm really enjoying the workouts Ed has for me, each day is

different workout so I'm not bored. Thanks Ed!


I have been going to ECS for a month and I already see and feel the difference. Ed is a great motivator and I can't recommend him enough. If you are looking for a new experience in working towards a healthier lifestyle, then give ECS a try. 


"Ed has made me see that changes can happen if I believe in

myself. His workouts are tailored to your needs and he is there

motivating you to succeed. Thanks Ed for your dedication and



"This is not your ordinary gym. Ed customizes each

workout with new and creative exercises on unique

equipment that you will not find at other gyms. At ECS

Exercise you get a fun, high quality workout, with a

personal trainer who is top notch. I would highly

recommend ECS Exercise to anyone!"

- Audrey R

"Ed Stickter is a highly skilled and motivated personal trainer. I

have had great results after only 2 months. His workouts are

individually tailored for each of his client's personal needs and

goals. He is dedicated to his profession and desire to help

others succeed."

- Sari

"The workouts are personalized to suit every individuals


- Christina M

My son really enjoys and looks forward to going and working

out at ECS. He feels stronger and more confident in himself.

The personal attention is wonderful and my son and I would

highly recommend ECS training. You will feel great!!!

-Donna J

Great place with personalized workouts. My 16 yr old son

goes also & loves it.

-Agnes V

Ed gives everyone an individualized workout like no other. I

was stuck in the same exercise routine for years and he

changed that from the very first session. No more boredom!

I've seen great results and am meeting my goals thanks to Ed.

He offers a free trial, so stop wondering and give it a try!


I had been searching for a gym like this where I know the

exercises are done correctly and Ed is very upbeat and

enthused about his facility. Every day you work on different

things. He knows his profession and does it well. Not only do I

attend but my 3 girls as well. Good job Ed Stickler keep it up.

Price is also very reasonable for what you get.


This is an awesome place to get healthy and have lots of

laughs at the same time! Ed is a one of a kind trainer!

-Danielle D

Best work out of my life! Changes it up every time, I love ECS! I

don't even feel like I am working out because of all the laughs,

you don't get that at any other gym!


Really enjoy working out at ECS and with my crazy schedule, I

truly appreciate that I can workout at 5am. Thanks Ed!!

-Donna F

I'm really enjoying the workouts Ed has for me, each day is a

different workout so I'm not bored. Thanks Ed !


What a great workout experience. Ed is an amazing personal

trainer. I have never looked forward to working out before

joining his gym. . He has a great personality. Extremely

approachable with a great sense of humor. He is

knowledgeable and caters each workout to the individual. His

pricing is incredible. You must check him out. Plus you get a

free trial before you make a commitment.


I stopped doing everything a couple of years ago, now I am

getting back in to shape. Ed is great motivator and he really

cares. I thank him for the great work. If you want to get in

Shape, call Ed.


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